Apartment 2d Adventure Game

Job Animation, Art Direction, Design, Game Design, Illustration

Version Beta 0.1



Apartment is an end product of an “crash course game development” event/pitch that’s been organized by Turkcell and Bahçeşehir University GameLabs (BUG).

I’ve designed the game concept, hand drawn the enviroment and character animations and coded the game on Unity game engine for mobile platforms.

This program had teams that’s been handpicked among several hundreds of applicants and have them develop small game demos for Turkcells pitching event at the end of two months. Though the main goal was applying for Turkcells pitching event, the program included crash course lessons on variety of subject regarding game development and every lecturer that attended these classes were either world re-known or extremely insightful industry veterans. I had the privilege of meeting with like minded people and had great fun while developing my small (but passionately detailed) adventure game.

This program thought me theories & informations as well as enabled me to experiment on new computer programs such as Unity3d. I’m really pleased to learn this program since now, thanks to this event, I’m capable of creating my own games.

As for the game, its about a character whom has a bit of Monty Phyton and bit of MR Bean humor blended in him. He is extremely unlucky and as wise mouthed as he is unlucky. As the adventure progress, new comedic events unreveal themselves to the protagonist and laughter (I hope) ensues. Its a click adventure game akin to Monkey Island games.

Currently its in Beta stage and im exploring the fundamentals of UX and UI range to create an original approach. I’ll continue developing the visuals and add animations further in to the character.


User Interface

Apartment is an adventure game and no adventure game can be without an inventory. However I didn’t want to go with the classic inventory systems where whatever the character collects ends up in his “inventory”. In Apartments case, our protagonist has only his pockets so whatever he collects ends up either his left or right pocket.

This also enabled me to put in perspective of collecting objects that which can be combined or alter by one another by placing them on opposite pockets. This way, player can identify similar objects much easily and drag drop them on each other in order to combine them/alter them. There are many hilarious lines written for interactions.

I’ve also included an mobile phone in inventory that will have several in game uses such as providing maps, clues etc…


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