Job Animation, Art Direction, Design, Front End


Date2011 - 2013

Date2011 - 2013

FABİSAD is Fantasy and Sci-Fi society of Turkey. I was involved in the process of establishment and contributed as much as possible. I had the privilege of designing the logo and the general identity of the society. I also designed and coded the 3 generations of the website, that which with each generation provided further features that enriched the content.

FABİSAD is and will be the beacon that will light the way to future generations of writers, artists and enthusiast of the genres in Turkey and i’m proud to be part of it.


Usually any website that’s about a group of people tends to underline its own significance as a brand. After all these people gathered together to create something. Most of the news are about “the website” and “the brand”.  That’s why such sites tend to have very little to no activity after its foundation.

FABİSAD’s website was built with bringing attention to its members activities as well as what’s their impact as collectively. That’s why most of the content itself in the site is not about the society but rather news about its members.  This helps audiences to learn more about their favorite artist consistently and also help them discover new artists as well.

This type of approach  brought lots of surprises and helped expand the site beyond its original capacities since every other member has new and unique things going on with their life. As years passed, I had to built (from ground up) library system with a full capacity for to display artists works with proper infos (that’s seldom found in internet if at all ), events system, time chart and a world map for members with foreign country related news.

It’s one of the most rewarding experience when things fall in to their own places and work as you intend them.


Main Page

This page contained the motto of the society in the first elements. After that, it had a rotating slider of the most recent news and following it had the most recent News and Events . It also had a list of videos from its youtube channel on the site.

In the left side, it contained the most important pieces like our yearly annual award event’s link , statics of the library and our monthly gathering’s date and location.


This screenshot is the third version of the library’s main page which contains

  • the most recent 5 books that’s been published by the members on the top
  • the most recent “about the person” entry.
  • the most recent 5 publisher/organization

It also contains a more broad range of statistics on the side like how many books and their categories, people and  their jobs  as well as publishers / organizations and their types.


Book Page

This page is one of the example pages for the Book entries.

It contains extensive information about;

Who wrote it , any and all extra significant person (such as cover illustrator),  summary, its published date, its versions and those versions published date as well as any extra information (such as their covers and  etc), any news in the societies website regarding this book, any news outside the societies website (such as literature sites) that has news about this book etc

Library List

This particular screenshot contains the “printed” books. They are listed according to alphabet and can be sorted through their writers, their published date or their genres.

Time Chart

This “time chart” contains every and all information that’s been included in to the site based on the exact time they were included in to the system.

As you scroll horizontally, the dates shift in to view and show dots or lines (depending on the amount of data included) on specific dates which than users can learn more if they click on the links.

This puts every event and every news into perspective and also helps visualize their progress



This page provides a world map that has individual countries as clickable links if they contain any news about them.

These news usually range from literature festivals that our members are invited into and also any foreign published books which our members wrote.

Flyers & Posters


How everything started

When the society was first established, it was decided to make a party where we can invite our friends and also any news outlet who would care to join. At last minute I came up with the idea to make an animation that would loop on the background.

It would contain the members and show their works without intruding the guests. I made an intro animation which somewhat symbolically shows how the society established and after that transition to the presentation part seamlessly.

The first video is that intro animation and second one is one of the examples that shows how the members were introduced.

These videos made a huge impact. I still remember the total silence when they were first shown.

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