• Client FABİSAD
  • Job
    • Animation
    • Art Direction
    • Design
    • Front End Coding
    • UX
  • Date 2011 - 2013

FABİSAD is Fantasy and Sci-Fi society of Turkey. I was involved in the process of establishment and contributed as much as possible. I had the privilege of designing the logo and the general identity of the society. I also designed and coded the 3 generations of the website, that which with each generation provided further features that enriched the content.

FABİSAD is and will be the beacon that will light the way to future generations of writers, artists and enthusiast of the genres in Turkey and i'm proud to be part of it.

FABİSAD's site


The current website is on its 3rd generation and with this generation, I've included "timeline" feature that maps the date of the events on the line that stretches from 1900 to the current 2015. This system was designed to provide visual representation of the history and progress of Sci-Fi, Fantasy , Horror and all related genres in Turkey.

Also with this generation, index library's features are extended so that e-zines and online communities would also be registered within system to provide an easier map of progress made in Turkey. Another feature is, world map generator that provides an easier access of progress within the world for Turkish artists/writers. Every time a writer goes to a book signing abroad, the map is shows which country they went to.

Flyers & Posters

2011 FABİSAD Establishment Video and Member Presentations



I'm a 28 y/o designer with vast arrays of skills and imagination. I also draw ilustrations, write fiction and develop indie games with great passion.

I've been lucky enough to travel and live around the world. Enjoy a good laugh, and do so whenever and wherever I can. Always open to new opportunities so let me know what's on your mind.