Job Animation, Art Direction, Design



Version 2016

Location İstanbul



GİO Awards are given by FABİSAD (Fantasy and Sci-Fi society of Turkey) annually for excellence in the fields it represents to those that provide exceptional talent and skills. It's categories varies from illustrations, short movies, comics, story anthologies and fiction books.

I had the privilage of creating and orginizing the visuals of the 2016 Awards.

I’ve developed a new concept for the presentation and guided the rest of the visuals through this aproach.

Instead of creating some slides, I’ve pitched the idea of “What if?!”. What if FABİSAD had a museum and we walk through it in person. So I’ve created a 3d museum where I’ve placed the winning entries on the walls.

This was such a great experience.

Becarefull of Fright

A Fantastic E-vite

While watching Michael Jacksons thriller video, I caught glimpse of a figure on the cinema. That person resembled nearly identicaly to the late Giovanni Scognamillo.

Giovanni Scognamillo has been our honorary member and the person we atribute our awards name to. Unfortunetly,he has passed prior to this years award show.

So with some VFX magic, I’ve edited the clip to include Mr. Scognamillo in to the scene. So through Cinema magic, he was able to watch the award show along with us.

GİO Awards 2016 E-Invite


The Plaque Award

This year I’ve took it upon myself to change and improve the Plaque Awards we give out to the contenders. The previous designs were one type fit all and were not (imho) something that would make us proud to give and none to take pride in receiving.

To show that we apriciate the winners and also underline our brand as much as possible, I’ve enlarged and placed the society’s logo and used the negative space within the logo to place typography.

There were several versions of the Plaques depending on the category and rank of achievement.

  • Life Time Achievement Award
  • Category Winner Award.
  • Category Contributer Award.

The Presentation

Alone in the dark!

Madness just around the corner!

The premise of the presentation was that, the museum is just above theather that we are giving the awards to winners. And the person who is cam recording the tour (which is projected to the curtain) is actually checking the museum for last minute before we allow the guests inside.

However, unfortunetly GİOVANNI SCOGNAMİLLO, the person we atribute this award to, had passed away shortly before the award show. He was greatly admired by all. And mostly known for his love of the Horror movies.

So as a tribute, in last minute, I’ve shifted the presentation to have some horror elements inside. It became more like someone got lost in the museum when the electrics were down. It was really fun to make and share.

Note: The darkness of the presentation was adjusted prior to the screening so the visuals wont burn or fade on the screen.

GİO Awards 2016 Trailer.

Exibition hall scene
Exibition hall, Illustration category contender close up
A still from the Blue Phoenix Award scene
The Blue Phoenix Award (Designed by Biğkem Karavus)
A still from the Blue Phoenix Award scene (revelation part)
A still from the special recognition category.
A still from the special recognition category.
A still from the special recognition category.
A still from book category
A still from book category
A still from between categories (while they are being announced). These coridors contain the society's many event related photos framed on their walls.
A still from Short Story category
A still from Short Story category

Concept Design

The Museum Sections

These are the concept designs of the GİO AWARDS Museum.

Museum contains several rooms for each award we give to the contenders as well as the main library of the society where all of our books are placed in. I think throughout the years depending on the categories, either the content or the shape of the rooms may vary.

The Orange line shows roughly where the story takes place. However in the second visual, they fade in and out of visiblity due to those coridors and rooms are connected through supernatural means.



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