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Version v.1.5

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Language Turkish

Date2007 - 2011

Date2007 - 2011

Kara Zar (Dark Dice) is a RPG system based on 12 sided dice. It's been developed since 2007 and had 100+ games played up till now. In 2011 it's been upgraded to version 1.3

All the concepts and game mechanics are original materials and distributed freely on internet since 2007

Endless adventures awaits

Just like every other, it all started with reading a book and loving it so deeply that you cant do anything else but dream about it.

I’ve dreamt and kept imagining more and more.  Of worlds and people who dwell in them. Their lives and hardships. Some I never looked back but others, I wanted to know more.

I’ve began telling these stories and saw how people who share stories help realize them one step at a time. As my stories grew in numbers, it became harder and harder to recall.  Hence as years passed, I had to pen them down.  They turned from corners scribbles to pages and later tomes of writing.

Story Telling

With my introduction to RPGs and being awestruck by them,  I knew I had to convert my stories to this medium.

For a time I’ve used several systems but they were mostly to generic. Thats when I came up with KARA ZAR system. It’s written with specific dynamics in mind and had many unique features which is yet to appear in anywhere else.


Coming Soon

Countless adventures, lots of foes with as many allies; they are but just an click away

KARA ZAR is ready to provide to you the unforgetable legends where you are the Hero

The Book

The book contains the list of esential steps to play KARA ZAR games

Just like every other Players guide, it contains the detailed explanations of the accessories, ingame terms and concepts. It also provides step by step leveling up guide and several “Adventure Starter” stories.

Book Pages

Character Sheet.

KARA ZAR’s character sheet is unique with its shape and function.

I always felt character sheets tend to be hard to place and carry around without damaging them. So I made them foldable by default. By folding them, I’ve also divided the information in sheet to sections therefore it wont overwhelm the player

Also I’ve designed a more visual que type of approach where players are required to mark their avatars body when they are hurt or injured. Thanks to this players are more aware of their situation and act accordingly to the events that transpire.

All and more

Kara Zar can be downloaded for free from

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