King Solomon

  • Client Kayıp Rıhtım E-Zine
  • Job
    • Illustrator
  • Date 2013

This was a commission by the KAYIP RIHTIM E-Zine's monthly publication. Each month a specific subject is chosen and contributors would send their stories according to that months subject. In this particular issue (51) the subject was flying carpet. I went ahead and took one of the most famous people whom said to have one. And he was none other than prophet King Solomon.

Ofcourse the original depiction of the carpet was as extreme as any mythological artifact with " sixty miles long and sixty miles wide ". There were no aesthetic way I thought of to draw a green screen with black dot (depicting Solomon himself). So instead I altered the design with an "what if" kinda approach. What if, the carpet is not wide but just long. It would appear like Chinese dragon. Covering the skies with no end in sight.

I also designed the carpets motifs to depict wind (since actually carpet is not flying but rather being carried by the wind at Solomon's Command)

Issue 51 Kayıp Rıhtım



I'm a 28 y/o designer with vast arrays of skills and imagination. I also draw ilustrations, write fiction and develop indie games with great passion.

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