NTV Spor Handball & Voleyball Suits

  • Client NTV Spor HD
  • Agency UNICA
  • Job
    • Animation
    • Art Direction
    • Design
  • Date 2012

This is a broadcasting graphics suite I designed for channel NTV SPOR HD. They wanted a suite of graphics which they can use in every match and every cup. So I designed these two suit for Voleyball and Handball which NTV used for all their matches.

Basicly, there are specific locations in graphics that are empty and whatever the current broadcasted events logo could be placed on those places .



I'm a 28 y/o designer with vast arrays of skills and imagination. I also draw ilustrations, write fiction and develop indie games with great passion.

I've been lucky enough to travel and live around the world. Enjoy a good laugh, and do so whenever and wherever I can. Always open to new opportunities so let me know what's on your mind.