Oven Lcd Interface

  • Client Vinola
  • Job
    • Animation
    • Art Direction
    • Design
    • UX
  • Date 2013

Vinola Ankastre were developing their first touch screen interface for their ovens. The refferance examples were clumsy, full of in-between screens that served no purpose other than providing new navigation panels. So much so it woul take 5 screens to click through until reaching any functional panel (bake chicken).

I designed Interface for the retina panel which takes advantages from finger sliding as well as taping. I wanted to limit the navigating between screens to as minimum as possible while making each screen as useable as possible. This way in one screen we can navigate directly to the function page .And on that page, we wont have to navigate any further to adjust the settings but do adjust them in screen and apply the changes in screen.

Oven Interface Web Page

Second Unit

This is the second unit which were implemented to non retina screens.



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