Kara Zar & HBE

  • Job
    • Art Direction
    • Design
    • Game Design
  • Kara Zar 2007-2010
  • H.B.E. 2003
  • Language Turkish
  • Date 2007 - 2011

Kara Zar (Dark Dice) is a RPG system based on 12 sided dice. It's been developed since 2007 and had 100+ games played up till now. In 2011 it's been upgraded to version 1.3

All the concepts and game mechanics are original materials and distributed freely on internet since 2007.

Download KARA ZAR


Hiç Bitmeyen Efsaneler

Hiç Bitmeyen Efsaneler (Never Ending Legends) is a high fantasy universe thats been in development since 2003. Kara Zar system was developed to create Hiç Bitmeyen Efsaneler campaign setting and to use its enormous lore to create adventures.

H.B.E is at its current state only written matterial with few concept designs for visuals (mainly logos and maps). I'm looking forward to future dates when I'll have the opportunity and reason to create visuals for this universe's publications.



I'm a 28 y/o designer with vast arrays of skills and imagination. I also draw ilustrations, write fiction and develop indie games with great passion.

I've been lucky enough to travel and live around the world. Enjoy a good laugh, and do so whenever and wherever I can. Always open to new opportunities so let me know what's on your mind.